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Thursday, 09 April 2009



also posted at






My name is Rev Mufaro Stig Hove. I am a Zimbabwean citizen by descent and I am also a South African Citizen by birth.


My father, a Shona from Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) married my mother (a Zulu from Natal) in January, 1956 and I was born at Dundee, Natal, RSA in October, 1956. 


They went to Rhodesia in 1958 and I grew up there to manhood.



I have decided to live in South Africa since 2006 and have formally taken up my South African Citizenship because I could no longer live freely in Zimbabwe, the country I have so loved and have grown up in from the said 1958 to the said 2006.


I have written a lot about the true situation in my beloved land and the very reason why I decided to write was so that all those who want to know the truth can read for themselves and get it from the proverbial "horse's mouth."


I run a conglomerate of blogs and the Index one being .


For obvious reasons, I have never set foot on Zimbabwean soil since I left in August, 2006.
With the type of free blogging I do, I would never see the sun 24 hours or less of setting my foot on Zimbabwean soil.




Your Excellency, Robert Gabriel Mugabe is a very evil, arrogant and cunning character. I will follow my knowledge and interaction with him from as far back as 1973.


I will provide links to articles that I (and a few others) have written and which were picked up and re-published on various other sites and a simple "google-search" of my names or the titles of my submissions can reveal the extent of my "influence".


The purpose of this, my humble letter to you, Your Excellency, is to dispel and correct a lot of propaganda items that certain well-placed persons like Mr Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki (State President of the Republic of South Africa) may desperately try to ventilate.


I have been presently motivated by news that he is understood to have written a four-page letter to Yourself, Your Excellency. Although we are not aware of the full contents of the said letter, we understand he castigated you using numerous exclamation marks for he what he calls your "meddling" in Zimbabwe's affairs.


Allow me to give you the full story of the Zimbabwean affairs in question, Your Excellency!I wrote an Open Letter to Mr Robert Gabriel Mugabe ( who has illegitimately presided over Zimbabwe's for the past seven years) and I asked him to explain the deaths in mysterious (mainly) car accidents of numerous of Zimbabwe's cream of heroes.

The said letter can be found at under the title "IS ROBERT MUGABE THE MASTER-ASSASSIN?"


As a very dedicated ZANU-PF cadre up till 2003, I was aware of these assassinations and I ask Mr Robert Mugabe to respond to that letter for the benefit of the whole world.


I was Secretary of ZANU-PF at District level and we wrecked havoc and killed ZAPU members in Kadoma during the dark days of "GUKURAHUNDI" and I've written extensively on these evil activities and my perspective of how these things happened and I invite you, Your Excellency, to read my submission, "The Thoughts and Memories of a Former ZANU-PF Cadre" and the posting thereof is available at 


It is well known that on the 16th of June, 1984 the small farming and mining town of Kadoma (formerly Gatooma) was subjected to ZANU-PF mob-rule which left a trail of burnt houses, destroyed and-of looted furniture and dead and unburied bodies on innocent PF-ZAPU members. I recalled the events of that day that submission.


A fellow activist, Joseph Tanonoka Whande wrote a very revealing article on why Mr Robert Mugabe can never retire even if he wanted to. I posted this submission at  It is important to look at these issues when we reflect on the situation prevailing at the moment in the beloved, bleeding country of Zimbabwe.


Although he is a dubious character, Professor Jonathan Moyo also wrote a very intelligent analysis of the dangers we face as a Nation as Mr Robert Mugabe precariously clings to power at a shameful age of 84. I posted this article at . I re-named the submission "THE DEATH OF ROBERT MUGABE, THE TRAGEDY AHEAD" by Prof Jonathan Moyo.


I also wrote a submission along the same lines and I entitled it "IS THE NATION OF ZIMBABWE READY FOR THE EARTHLY DEPARTURE OF ITS 'FATHER'?" ( ) Your Excellency we are afraid! We are terrified of the aftermath of Mr Robert Mugabe's death. Those that follow him are more afraid than those of us who left him.


I wrote a very detailed submission on how WE RIGGED ELECTIONS in Zimbabwe. I wrote as one that participated in the evil processes and not as a visiting journalist. I can give an Interview on the things that I wrote in that submission.


( )
I wrote extensively on President Thabo Mbeki's strange dealings as far the Zimbabwean crisis is concerned. One was "THABO MBEKI'S PROVERBIAL LONG ROPE"




(  I wrote from the heart, Your Excellency, and I cannot add anything to what I wrote.


A very respected Media person and Torch-bearer who has suffered untold hardships because of his commitment to Democracy for Zimbabwe ( and indeed for the whole of Africa and beyond): Mr Trevor Ncube who makes it possible for Zimbabweans and the world to get the true and fuller picture of the situation prevailing in Zimbabwe wrote a very lengthy article on the choices facing Mr Robert Mugabe. I posted this article at . I need not add anything to that submission.


Last but not least, Your Excellency, there are numerous voices from the grave. Dr Joshua M N Nkomo who was the founder of the Liberation Struggle in Zimbabwe died a broken man. He left us his own perception of events as they unfolded in the 80s.


He wrote a Letter to the then Prime Minister Robert Gabriel Mugabe and it is self-explanatory. I posted it together with numerous other articles relevant to the dark era of the so-called "GUKURAHUNDI". ( )


Your Excellency let me not belabour you with information. Robert Gabriel Mugabe is a despicable crook and gangster who deserves neither Mercy nor Diplomacy.


He must be removed swiftly and even violently to save the sinking, suffering nation! Please under no circumstances should you be side-tracked by the likes of President Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki. The issue is not about land: the majority of the so-called redistributed land went to a few ZANU-PF "heavyweights" and Mugabe's sisters' children.


The issue is not about black pride: Mugabe is hiding an evil murderer who wrecked havoc in Ethiopia and brutally took the life of HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY HAILLE SELLASE (RAS TAFARI). Mugabe deserves no honourable place in History. Whoever would bring him down to size would be the Hero all of us are looking for!




I thank you for your time to attend to, this my humble letter.


Yours faithfully,


Rev Mufaro Stig Hove. 

The following comments are owned by whomever posted them. ZimDaily is not responsible for what they say. Please keep your comments short and sweet. Obscene, tribalistic, racist, vulgar comments will be deleted.

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This is a joke
Guys I think they should jus stop telling us the inflation figures because its pointless.The second highest inflation figure in the world is on 40%.Now look at the gap.Even Idi Amin only managed to get Uganda's inflation to 200% after expelling Asians from his country.Mugabe please nguva yakwana.Yu are jus making us a laughing stock to the whole world.I recently told a friend of mine in Australia who thought the inflation in Zim was around 1000% and I told him it was 200 000% which he didn't believe because he thought it was a joke.Now how do I tell him its now 1,7m%.mugabe do us all a favour shuzura pliz.
Posted By Trevor Mapara , London UK : Jun 2 2008 01:00 AM
Money Printing Machine
CBZ Holdings Limited's group structure is in Asset Management, Properties, insurance and securities. WHERE IS THE relationship between THE bank and the industrial sector? ZIMBABWE IS A DEVELOPING COUNTRY THAT CAN NOT AFFORD THIS INSANITY.
Posted By Shumba , Kariba, Zim : Jun 2 2008 02:16 AM
We can blame, Mbeki, we can blame sadc, we can blame uk...usa, we can blame zanu...junta, we can blame zec. BUT the really problem causer is MDC split.
Posted By , : Jun 2 2008 02:40 AM
who said there is no crisis in zimbabwe ?
thabo mbeki said there is no crisis in zimbabwe - he also said there was no such thing as AIDS/HIV - well thabo my boy - you are the second cleverest person in africa ( after robert g M of course ) - with buffoons like this around africa it looks like the basket case continent will continue !
Posted By parks mukadota , windhoek namibia : Jun 2 2008 03:07 AM
Mutambara arrested
Arrested for critcising Tyrant Robert Mugabe. As a day goes past they get even more desperate. "Zimbabweans are the enemy, while the rule of law is just a con" - thats whats in a mind of a tyrant. Everyday i pray GOD send him to hospital...
Posted By Brownsugar , Chigwell : Jun 2 2008 06:21 AM
The Zimbabwe economy
Did you know that the Zimbabwean economy is politically driven? A month b4 the stolen elections the rate shot up to about 450 to the pound. Two weeks later MDC had a rally with a massive turnout. This caught hopes of many investors & others with Zim interest then two days later the rate fell from 450 to 280. If you remember this then you know MDC runs the town... Everyday i pray GOD send Robert Mugabe to hospital.
Posted By Kenlove32 , Chigwell : Jun 2 2008 06:29 AM
Posted By JONGWE , JHB : Jun 2 2008 07:50 AM
Chiwenga's Son studying at Hartpury College, UK
Chiwenga's son is studying at Hartpury, Gloucester. There are nearly 10 children of the illegal Zimbabwe Government Officers at Hartpury. Numbers for Hartpury College are: 01452 702 132, 01452 700 283 (+44-1452 from out of UK). You can also send your concerns to the UK Border Agency at: 02920 924 657, 0208 760 2077, 0208 750 2446 and 0208 603 5409. Mudenge's son recently finished at the same college using a fake name. They all come through Watershed College in Marondera.
Posted By Chiwenga's Girlfriend , Mandara : Jun 2 2008 09:20 AM
Kwa Mutoko neku Mudzi
Takavabika and talk to them today they will tell you. Even those with Children in USA, Canada, UK, Dubai China or where ever will tell you kuti mwanangu tiri kunovhotera upenyu come June 27. We are going to claim back more than half of that vote that T-Boy stole from 'our people' in these areas.
Posted By Kenneth Mamvura , : Jun 2 2008 09:53 AM
Posted By Ndini , SA : Jun 2 2008 10:13 AM
I Love ZimDaily
WESTERNERS This is your chance now he is now in your hands Bob its good time you arrest him for human rights violation there in Rome please help us he must not come back for the run off .Please help us thats the only chance teach that dog a lesson and send him where he belongs "The Hague". Britain and America don't let us down . Posted By Zanu and Mugabe Enemy , Zimbabwe : Jun 2 2008 09:23 AM
Posted By , : Jun 2 2008 10:21 AM
Mamvura imbwa
Wabika nyama kwete mweya yavo nepfungwa will still vote MDC madhongi achikuma uri chii iwe Mamvura muroyi zvake paari uchasvotwa dzangu hama dziri kuti ndezvako come june 27 they will express their will uchida usingadi madhodhi anonhuwa
Posted By Mamvura imbwa , UK ugondidiiko : Jun 2 2008 10:28 AM
imbwa yaBOBO inonzi Mamvura
Posted By Chongwe , : Jun 2 2008 10:45 AM
What Economy?
Zimbabwe no longer has an economy. Gono is printing money to use it as a mop for foreign currency in the parallel market. Whenever Mugabe and Grace have to travel, the Zim Dollar always falls massively, suggesting that a major player is flooding the market with printed worthless zim currency. Gono, what are you doing? You do not even have a doctorate on academic merit but yours was given to you. Do not let it go to your head as that will only kill zimbabwe
Posted By Sweet MDC-T , South Africa : Jun 2 2008 12:25 PM
People like Gono should be arrested, period. He is now busy looting Zimbabwe on behalf of Bob and stuffing the money in foreign accounts. Ko pashaiwawo here aenda ku Rome kunodzingirira Bob? Anoend kuRome kumeeting yemaPresidents iye achisiri President.
Posted By New Zimbo , Malawi : Jun 2 2008 01:53 PM
Check your voter status on
The election on 27 June 2008 is historical. We can get a new breath of fresh air if more people vote for change. Most people do not know whether they are registered to vote and which constituency and ward they are registered to vote. I for one did not know whether I was a registered voter until I checked a few days before march 29. I did not register but my name was on the voter's roll . They ( ZEC) said when I took my ID that's when I was automatically registered. Please check your and frineds , relatives voter registration status. I have made it easy by setting up an online voter registration database where people can search by ID number and those who can't remember their ID number can search by using their name and date of birth. The folks in the diaspora can also check on behalf of their relatives back home who do not have access to the internet or are victims of the slow browsing speeds here in zimbabwe. This is the best gift zimbabweans abroad can help folks at home. So if you are in the diaspora next time you call home ask them if they know where they can vote. Offer to do a search for them and then text them their voting details. You can find the voters roll online on and or . If you are in the diaspora just cehck if you are appearing on the voter's roll and we can later do a survey to establish how many votes were lost by denying the diaspora to vote. Go now on or Every vote counts on Friday june 27 2008. 25 days to go.
Posted By shumbayenzara , Binga metropolitan center : Jun 2 2008 02:19 PM
mamvura , i realy want to meet you in a free zim
one person im craving to meet in a post mugabe zimbabwe is this mamvura . i want him to tell me how he managed to get admission to college in the states , the guy is not intouch with reality and he is still living in the past, i realy want to meet him so i can tell him what year we are in .
Posted By lovemore mazivisa , london. uk : Jun 2 2008 03:23 PM
lovemore u a kid
Shut up Lovemore , give me yr contact number if you are a man .
Posted By kenneth mamvura , : Jun 2 2008 03:43 PM
kenneth mamvura
Foolish dog, if you are man enough, give me your own phone number, bastard!
Posted By Mbuya Rennie , Ballantyne Park, Harare : Jun 2 2008 04:32 PM
What's all this "His Excellency" crap? In democracies, you call people by their first name. In this case, it's George W. In democracies, his excellency is everone or no one. EVERYBODY is equal, except in Africa where some politicians think they are more important than the electorate - NOT SO !! It's time we Africans got to understand this. Once we do, we will soon learn not to put up with the crap these policians dish up to us.
Posted By Viva Democracy....... , .... is is coming to Zimbabwe : Jun 2 2008 05:19 PM
Kenneth Mamvura be SERIOUS!
Shame on you Mamvura, your mental acumen just shows how low it is, actually below par and far lower than a primary one child's. When others are discussing about Zim inflation , how it has risen to 1.7m % all you talk about is beating up , torturing and killing pple to get votes for mugabe. Honestly what part of your brain, if you have got any do you use! You have no clue of the economic status of the country all you talk and brag about are your uncivilized deeds, shame on you. Even if you kill all members of the opposition party, you still have one Enemy that you can't beat, torture, maim or murder, ZIM'S COLLAPSED ECONOMY! that is your number one enemy and needs taken care of ASAP, regardless of what you, mugabe, gono and others as shallow as you may take! Think about it!
Posted By Nyarai , Scotland : Jun 2 2008 06:05 PM
Kenneth Mamvura!
Please tell me this mamvura idiot is not at college in USA. I am so disappointed if he is, what is he doing there? how can he achieve anything with his shallow head! what's happening with education these days? Educated pple are supposed to critically analyse events but this mamvura dude is just the opposite, he lacks everything that make human beings even my chihuahua is far clever than this mamvura dude, Shame!
Posted By Cool , Zim Bindura : Jun 2 2008 07:26 PM
mamvura ehure phona
Iwe mazimvura ehure phona nmber dzangu idzo 07982484045 ..........................................Oscar
Posted By Oscar , : Jun 2 2008 09:22 PM
Mamvura is Hired
I believe Mamvura's motive is very clear. The man intends to polute our minds. Slowly its dawning on him that people who visit this site are not as stupid as he thought. The worst thing about ZANU PF is that these people dont learn from the past. March 29 handed a defeat to Robert Mugabe, instead of them doing a good job about analysing what led to his defeat, you find they are going about unleashing violence in the rural areas! Poor ZANU PF! Cant you realizing that you shooting yourselves in the foot? Violence no longer works with Zimbabweans. They are fed up with the illegal govt. Look how much did they invest in the election but they lost all the same? Kenneth is hired! I would like to show him the staff i am made of on June 27. I will vote his boss out.
Posted By Ripples , Harare : Jun 2 2008 09:38 PM
Manvura e sewage
Manvura e sewage, We all know that your mum is a bitch thats why you are pro Zanu and Mugabe, but uchamama after june 27 we will sort out all the trash in your head easy if you are in the U.S.A manvura e sewage........ i m COMING FOR YOUR HEAD
Posted By Parry , WOLVES : Jun 2 2008 11:35 PM
Viva Democracy....... , .... is is coming to Zimbabwe : Jun 2 2008 05:19 PM
I don't care a hoot whether Presidents are "His Excellency" or not! Whatever they are, we need normal, simple human beings! One doesn't cease to be just a normal, human being just because they hold an Office called "President." That's what craps like Bob and Thabo fail to realise. Hope Morgan will continue to be his simple self!
Posted By Rev Mufaro Stig Hove , ZIMFINALPUSH, AZANIA/RSA : Jun 3 2008 06:34 AM
Dell vindicated
So Dell was right when he estimated that inflation will rise to 1.5million%. Why do we Africans become so predictable in the negative?
Posted By Dingizulu Masuku , Joburg, RSA : Jun 3 2008 08:42 AM
mdc bandits
BANDITS that are unleashing terror on the people in their desire to get to power at all costs should be stopped. They cannot be allowed to accomplish their programme of walking over dead bodies of innocent women and children and the elderly on their way up the echelons of power. So far several people have been killed while others have been maimed while property worth trillions of dollars has also been destroyed by marauding gangs of political thugs some armed with rifles. Elsewhere in this issue we carry a disturbing story of two ruling party officials who were shot and killed in cold blood in Mutoko by a gang of suspected MDC-T activists who have turned themselves into first class terrorists. Two other people including a headman were fired at but the culprits missed them by a whisker. According to police spokesman Chief Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka, the deceased were yesterday identified as ZanuPF Nyamukapa Ward secretary for publicity Cde Nancy Chidzidzi (53) and party activist Cde Taurai Chihuri (51).
Posted By kenneth mamvura , : Jun 3 2008 09:13 AM
Koo Tonderai Ndira, Shepherd Jani and many others vakanoonekwa na McGee kumahospitals varikutaura kuti vakarohwa neZanu unotii navo? You are a Zanu Bandit yourself or even worse.Asshole yamai vako. Pfutseki, ZIDHODHI
Posted By ??? , jhb , S.A : Jun 3 2008 11:08 AM
How Would MDC possess Weapons in Zimbabwe
Kenneth Mamvura fools like you deserve to be thoroughly whipped on their arses.Can you imagine what would happen to an MDC supporter or sympathiser found with a gun? The security is so tight in Zimbabwe such that even having been smuggled it is very impossible for any MDC member to be in possession of a gun.So the Zanu-PF members you are talking about were shot by members of their own party. Zanu-PF used this trick before in order to cripple Zapu.The dissidents in Matabeleland who were said to be from Zapu were never Zapu at all.If they were Zapu why did they kill people who were Zapu stalwarts?That is proof that they were Zanu-PF mercenaries.Today Zanu-PF is re-employing the same tactic again.It is a futile exercise and will not win them any extra vote,
Posted By Sydney Malunga , KoNtuthu : Jun 3 2008 12:51 PM
ZANU-PF is the dirtiest Organization that has ever existed since man came upon this world. Never believe ZANU stuff. Now they say MDC is doing the violence! Surely if MDC was doing the violence, they would have been in power 6 years ago! Mamvura (if you are serious), you are despicably demented! I WILL NOT USE VULGAR!
Posted By Rev Mufaro Stig Hove , ZIMFINALPUSH, RSA/AZANIA : Jun 3 2008 01:03 PM
Give Mamvura a Break.
Of cause I do not support the sentiments posted by Mamvura because they are clearly irresponsible especially at this eleventh hour. He might have had 2 intentions in saying what he did. The first may have been to stir up the dicussion by being openly controversial while the second may have been to asses our political maturity as Zimbabweans. Real democracy which we are hoping for after the 27th respects freedom of speech where noone is percecuted or threatened for saying how they feel and where torturers are brought to justice through the courts and the rule of law prevails. Imbopafungayi ipapo!
Posted By R Makaza , Essex : Jun 3 2008 01:15 PM
car sticker
imbwa yaMugabe inonzi Mamvura
Posted By Liberal Democrats , of Zimbabwe : Jun 3 2008 03:35 PM
who said what?
As long as Mugabe and his cronies are alive they will do everything to throw spanners on Tsvangirai's political engine in a bid to block him from ascending to power. There shall be many recounts, runoffs, reruns, dead silence on election results and business as usual. The choice therefore is: let us forget about Mbeki and let us go on to also hold our machine guns, ponto final. This Tyrant declared war on his own people long time ago. Munhu tora gidi uzvi tonge there goes Mbuya Nehanda na Kaguvi's advice or kugara munyika hunge muno rugare. "Grab ur guns and rule yourself" Armed Vs the unARMED. FACE IT - HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE ALL BECAUSE OF ONE PERSONS POWER HUNGER, WAKE UP!
Posted By Brownsugar , Chigwell : Jun 3 2008 03:36 PM
black market rate ZW$ 3.24 billion = one US dollar
black market rate ZW$ 3.24 billion = one US dollar or ZW$ 6.35 billion per one british pound. please note the important word is BILLION and not million. fellow diasporans, do not be fooled by gono and the crooked rserve bank of zimbabwe, ensure you get the correct rate for your hard earned foreign money. the free market rate is the only true rate & soon gono & mugabe will realise that they cannot beat the markets - like the price of green mielies on the streets - if there are a lot of mielies the price comes down & if there are few the price goes up - simple - economics is not one of mugabe or gone's strong points - change is very near
Posted By prof milton obote , kampala uganda : Jun 5 2008 12:08 AM
Rev Hove !
Is Rev your Pastoral title or its you first name from birth. I wonder what type of flock you head.Instead of using such platforms as these to preach the Word of God and stand up for Jesus.You are busy showing faith in Bush, a simple human being, probably not even born again. You want Bush to change the situation in Zimbabwe in his capacity as who.You think he is Bigger than God.There is nothing Biblical about your article, it looks like you are not proud to be associated with Christ but with George Bush. I can tell you you are the type of Rev who are misleading God people. You were the district secretary of ZANU PF during the Gukurahundi era, so you have a case to answer too and to me you dont even sound born again at all. You probably quit ZANU after they never gave you a piece of land they promised you.MDC should never allow people like you from ZANU to join their party, coz you caused a lot of suffering to people.I have a lot of relatives who were killed during the gukurahundi time, because of people who supported it like you.YOu admitting you were part of it should be evidence enough to try you.After admitting , will the lost lives come back ? If MDC pardons people like you who did such evil deeds willingly , then Mugabe should be pardoned too. We don't want your articles on this site again.You open old wounds and remind people of the pain they went through due to your deeds. Whats so special about being born of SA Zulu mother.No one one has ever written an article and introduced themselves by telling us their mother and father 's origins, whats the significance of that ? Stay in SA and leave true Zimbabweans alone, one day we will be free because we trust in God.You wont even be able to vote. I feel pity for the flock you are leading.
Posted By Ken , Harare ,Zimbabwe : Jun 5 2008 01:25 AM
Everyone has a role to play in liberating Zimbabwe, and I would like to remind you of yours, its a spiritual role.Don't play other people 's roles .You saw what happened to your colleuge Bishop Pius Ncube ?Concetrate on your calling, and use spiritual influence in solving the Zim crisis, otherwise your articles dont show confidence in you spiritual belief, which you happen to teach your congregation every Sunday.Are you a Rev to earn a living or to stand for Jesus like Ken said ?You flocks 's house is burning in Zimbabwe, and you decided to run away.What a sherpard ?
Posted By Ranga , Machipisa, Zimbabwe : Jun 5 2008 01:52 AM
I Love ZimDaily
Posted By , : Jun 5 2008 06:06 AM
The very reason why Robert Matibili is behaving like a "bull in a China Shop" in Zimbabwe today is because of such misguided views like the ones just above. Being a Christian does not mean being docile. I will not say too many words. You Ken of Harare and Ranga of Machipisa are part of my flock. Its true I will not vote: but its because of desperate crooks who are afraid of a free vote for ALL citizens of Zimbabwe. Even those without dual citizenships cannot vote if they happen to be outside the country. Matibili (Mugabe) fears they will uproot him. So what's the story about my being not able to vote? Also Id I had not left Zim would I be able to say freely what I'm saying now? Please grow up! If you are part of the ZANU gravy train.....enjoy it quietly and quickly while it lasts. SO CONCENTRATE ON YOUR VIOLENCE IN THE DESPERATE ATTEMPT TO PROP UP A DEMENTED CROOK LIKE ROBERT MATIBILI. About me accounting for what we did as ZANU-PF in the 80s, I'm available to anyone. I'm not hidden like the others like yourselves. GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL! Reverend Mufaro Stig Hove
Posted By Rev Mufaro Stig Hove , ZIMFINALPUSH AZANIA/RSA!!! : Jun 5 2008 06:07 AM
Mamvura uri satani ,the devil leaves in you?Do you have brains,what do you use when you are thinkin ,magaro?The time **** is ticking its only a matter of time ,you will regreat the day you were born.Pamberi napresident Tsvangirai
Posted By Bhona Mugabe Mwana vehure Grace naMakamba , State House Zimbabwe : Jun 5 2008 11:42 AM
Posted By BRIAN KANHUKARO , HARARE ,ZIMBABWE : Jun 7 2008 10:17 PM
US Republicans, MDC-T alike in media deception!!
STELLA Orakwue writes eloquently in the May 2008 issue of New African magazine "It is a pity!": "Do you think that if 'Mugabe', had got the money, the financial credits that Zimbabwe needed, that Zimbabwe's economic situation would not be utterly different, and that 'the people' would not have given him the vast majority he deserved? . . . It is a pity that the people who voted against President Mugabe have no ability to remember the servitude they existed in prior to the last eight years . . . Is it too hard without the white man? Without the Westerner in charge of your resources, your money, looking after you behind the scenes?" US Congressman Robert Wexler is demanding that White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan must testify under oath before House Judiciary Committee concerning devastating revelations made in his new book on the Bush Administration's deliberate efforts to mislead the American people into the Iraq War. In his book, "What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception," McClellan writes that Bush manipulated public opinion through a "political propaganda campaign" to justify going to war in Iraq. Public officials, whether pro-Anglo MDC-T or pro-Zanu-PF, should be held responsible for any actions that could lead to civil war, social disruption, and or additional economic sanctions. Sanctions are designed specifically to destroy the financial infrastructure of a country. For years MDC-T has media slandered the people of Zimbabwe with the most savage, filthy, and disgusting language, and disinformation ever written by an African. This is reminiscent of the American systematic dismemberment of a political candidate and a scorched earth strategy. After reading 'What happened' it appears Morgan Tsvangirai and MDC-T are imitating the George Herbert Walker Bush's 1988 campaign against Michael Dukakis: On page 68 McClellan writes "Instead, they developed a calculated strategy to go negative that had little to do with building their candidate up and everything to do with tearing their opponent down." "The campaign was by most objective accounts full of distortions, misrepresentations, and zero-sum politics, accusing Dukakis of everything from embracing furloughs for dangerous criminals to disliking the pledge of allegiance (the innuendo being that he was unpatriotic).' Tsvangirai is using all the American political personality deceptions and media spinmiesterism found common among American politicians; fooling a majority. A recent photo of Tsvangirai crying at a funeral is a typical public relations photo-shoot. It is no different from US presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton's tear jerk response at Press time claiming she's being attacked. World media is finally recognising and stating in their Press comments how she, like Tsvangirai, is waiting for a dreadful event for her to become president. MDC-T's relentless attack and permanent Press campaign against President Mugabe personally can be likened to Bush and the Republican Party's media spinmiesterisation that White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan regretfully participated in. "Media outlets should denote more resources to fact-checking ideas and information provided by political campaigns, politicians in office, or special interest organisations. When a candidate bends the truth, reporters shouldn't hesitate to point that out. When a television commercial uses, emotional appeals, distorted imagery, or misleading selective facts to promote a particular point of view, news organisations should expose those tactics, even if it means braving the fury of an offended advertiser. The do's and don'ts of the Media Spinmiesters and the journalistic stage they set are well defined in former White House Press secretary Scott McClellan's book "What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception" making visibly clear MDC-T's "permanent campaign": Do not discuss any economic and trade issues, never discuss economic sanctions, never discuss direct investment for agricultural and educational institutions. Never discuss with Zimbabwe citizens the ways and means that white Rhodesians became owners of the best preserved land in Zimbabwe. Do not discuss the slaughter of millions of Zimbabweans who died in the wars and forced labour mines and plantations. The wars that matched African spears against European cannons and machine guns are crimes against humanity and never to be mentioned. Never discuss how the British wrote and signed their own land ownership papers and leases in Zimbabwe? Do not discuss how Zimbabwe's farmers ended up in South Africa nurturing a neighbours' land and neglecting their own farm land; is it a result of sanctions? If yes, illegally imposed sanctions should be the Press media's target for investigation. MDC-T's hired political media spinmiesters always direct the topic of discussions and comments to suffering and death issues, the American boogey man, the "evil" president and the "corrupt" Zanu-PF and ZEC fear and scare tactics. Do not define the New Zimbabwe in specifics. Propaganda media spinmiesters discourage intellectual debates and promote distrust among political opponents by making the opposition the enemy. Emphasise tribal, political, or religious differences. The media spinmiesters will make Zimbabwean nationalism, self-determination, and independence an unknown and unachievable factor by constant media ****ardment of government failures. Media spinmiesters never report success events or achievements. Should President Mugabe and Zanu-PF have responded to MDC-T like the Clintons? "By 1992, Clinton and his political advisors felt they had learned the lessons of the 1988 campaign: answer every attack; counter misrepresentations and distortions of one's record by using the same tactics against the opponent; play by the same rules the opposition plays by, but do it better. …the Clinton political machine became famous for its aggressive push back tactics, its subtle and not so subtle intimidation of reporters, its mastery of spin, and its rapid response to charges." "It was recorded in The Quest for the Presidency by Peter and John Matthews Goodman, the systematic dismemberment of Michael Dukakis" based on a "scorched-earth strategy." When illegally imposed sanctions began to deteriorate the success of the educational institutions from grade schools to the Universities in Zimbabwe; did MDC-T call a truce at any cost to avoid the near collapse of its educational institutions? The essenciality of any society begins in the home; it ends in the schools and learning centres that later evolve into scientific research and development laboratories of entrepreneurship. What is the cost of sanctions? Answer: a generation of students and citizens denied the social benefits and fruition of their scholarship. By MDC-T's demonisation of their head of state and its ruling political party they actually demeaned every Zimbabwean. If American laws are applied to Zimbabwe's present state of affairs charges of sedition, treason, and subversive activities would easily be applied to MDC-T top officials and their media spinmiesters. Zimbabwe is more of a "Democracy" than America. MDC-T officials are allowed to advocate, solicit, and join foreign forces in their attempt to "remove" the President and government from existence. This behaviour will never be tolerated in America, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the European Union. The support of foreign illegally imposed sanctions is a criminal act. Media Spinmiester "Tendai Biti, secretary general of the MDC, said Sadc must 'play the midwifery role' in easing President Mugabe from power in the aftermath of the March 29 election. Mugabe placed second to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai in that vote but has vowed to win a runoff." "If diplomacy fails, the next thing is a war," Biti said after a news conference here. "It's not an option to us, but one day some [person] is going to say, 'This is the only solution.' Sadc must act now before rivers of dead people start to flow, as they did in Rwanda." Writer MacDonald Dzirutwe writes "The MDC insists Tsvangirai won outright the first time." "We decided to participate in the run-off to give the people of Zimbabwe a second chance to kick out the dictatorship. We have now declared a zero vote for Robert Mugabe," Khupe told supporters on Sunday. "We need to give Mugabe a final blow. On June 27 we will be having a Zanu-PF funeral. We are going to make sure we bury them so that they will not resurrect again." "The MDC has alleged electoral fraud in the March election, and Khupe said verification of results in next month's vote should be open to the media and observers and recorded on camera "so that Zanu-PF will not cheat." Well, MDC-T, in America if the President of the US, the Commander in Chief, is found to have deliberately deceived the American public for the purpose of going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan the president will be impeached and face federal charges for deceiving the US. You MDC-T have made explosive statements that ought to be answered and verified to the world public with actual facts. However, if the statements by MDC-T are to be taken at face value one can conclude the MDC, led by Tsvangirai is at war with the Government and people of Zimbabwe. I hope I am wrong. The seat of authority must always be respected even if it is a dictatorship or a family ruled monarchy. The respect you show today for the seat of authority will be the respect given to you if or when your time arrives for change. US gangsters or mobsters aka the Cosa Nostra have a rule of law in their Commission or Board of Directors: it states that whichever (member) calls for the removal of the chairman from his seat of authority cannot then be the chairman himself after the removal. In Japan it is said that one cannot be charged with treason if the foreign collaboration be determined to be in the best interest of the country. Sanctions have irreparable effects. There is a vast difference in being elected to a position of authority and the demand for the removal of a commander in chief from his or her position of authority. The demand places you in legal jeopardy particularly with non-members. "During electoral campaigns, reporters should work harder to pin the candidates down on policy specifics rather than accepting generalisations and rhetorical flair." God Bless All the People of Zimbabwe to solve their own crisis.
Posted By Lloyd Whitefield Butler, Jr , USA!!! : Jun 10 2008 09:18 AM


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